The Dawn Princess

A Pirates of the Cursed Seas Fan-Site


Ahoy, me hearties! I am Captain Salem Vendari and welcome aboard my ship! The information aboard this here vessel be all about the Pirates of the Cursed Seas PocketModel Game. You can find things such as the official rules of the game, information on the various nationalities, and more!

About Me

My real name is Daniel Bucheger. I discovered Pirates in 2007 after buying a pack from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean. It was a rare pack, containing HMS Endeavour and Barnacle. I liked the models enough that I decided to buy a few more packs so I could give the complete game a try. It quickly became my favorite game, and still is to this day. My collection contains 350+ ships. I am typically an English player, as they fit my play-style best, though every now and again I will delve into some of the other nations.

This site was inspired by Cadet-Captain Mike, whose site Cke1st was a record of all of his past games. I thought that was pretty cool, and so I started this site to chronicle my own battles on the high seas of the table-top.


Copyrights and Disclaimers

This  website is in no way supported or sponsored by NECA/WizKids, nor is it in any way affiliated with them. I also, in no way, own any rights to the game.

The Captain's Logbook, however, is my own work, and the battle reports and posted therein are based on the games of Pirates of the Cursed Seas I have played with my friends and family.