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Blockade Run

Posted by Captain Salem Vendari on June 21, 2013 at 9:35 PM

The Spanish have blockaded the English fort Ramsgate. The marines garrisoned inside the fort are in desparate need of supplies. Can their ships make it passed the Spanish blockade and bring them the provisions they need? Or will the Spanish armada prevail? It's up to you.

2 players

4 players as teams of two

Build Total:
Blockade: 50 points/30 each

Runner: 60 points/40 each (Cannot use Captain crew or ships with more than 3 masts)

*Fleets do not have to be English or Spanish, but must be single nationality.

*Place two islands 8L apart from each other. Choose one to be the Runner's home island. The other becames the Fort (you may use a fort piece to mark this island).

*Place any islands and terrain as obstacles per official placement rules.

*The Blockade places his ships within S from the Fort.

*The Runner places his ships docked at his home island.

*Place 20 random coins on the Runner's home island.

*No 0-point crew allowed.

*The Runner takes the first turn.

*The Runner's ships may load treasure from their home island as a free action before being given a move action on the first turn.

*When a Runner's ship docks at her home island, she may load treasure as a free action.

*The Fort functions like a home island for the Runner, except that ships cannot be given repair actions while docked at the Fort.

*The Fort cannot be given actions.

*If playing as teams, turn sequence alternates between teams (Player A1 goes, then Player B1, then Player A2, then Player B2, etc). Teammates may not take consecutive turns unless a player on the opposite team is eliminated.

Victory Conditions:
*The Blockade wins if none of the Runner's ships can be given a future move action.

*The Runner wins if he unloads at least 20 gold points at the Fort.

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