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Fort Raid

Posted by Captain Salem Vendari on June 23, 2013 at 1:55 AM

This scenario is similar to my Blockade Run scenario, except one player is trying to defend the fort while the other is trying to destroy it. Or it could be a free-for-all where everyone is trying to raid one another's fort.

2 players (or 4 players in teams of two)

3+ players (Deathmatch Style)

Build Total:
Defender: 50 points/30 each

Raider: 60 points/40 each

3+ Players: 60 points

*Place two islands 8L apart from each other. Choose one to be the Raider's home island. The other becomes the Fort (you may use a fort piece to mark this island). If playing 3+ players, all home islands have forts. Space these islands evenly in a circle.

*Place any islands and terrain as obstacles per official placement rules.

*The Defender places his ships within S of the Fort. If playing 3+ players, all players place their ships docked at their forts.

*The Raider places his ships docked at his home island.

*No 0-point crew allowed.

Game Play:
*The Fort has two 3L cannons and two 2S cannons. It takes two hits from the same shoot action to eliminate one cannon on a fort.

*If playing Deathmatch with 3+ players, each fort has four 3L cannons and four 3S cannons.

*The Fort cannot be repaired.

*If playing 3+ players, a player is eliminated from the game if his fort is destroyed.

*Ship combat is simulataneous. This means that if you shoot at a ship/fort, she may shoot back before any masts/flags are removed.

Victory Conditions:
*The Raider wins if he destroys the Fort.

*The Defender wins if the Raider has no ships that can be given future move actions.

*If playing 3+ players, the last player with a fort standing wins.

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