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Using Hex-Grids

Posted by Captain Salem Vendari on June 28, 2013 at 1:35 PM

There is talk all over the web about playing Pirates of the Cursed Seas using a hex-grid. I have tried this myself and it seems to work fairly well. Just a couple of guidlines to follow when playing this style on a 1" hex-grid mat:

L = 4 spaces

S = 3 spaces

When given a move action, a ship may not move into a space immediately behind it (unless it has the Junk keyword). Like with the regular rules, ships may not change direction until they have completed one move segment.

Ship Size:
This is a guide for how many spaces ships take up:

1-Mast: 2 spaces
2-Mast: 2 spaces
3-Mast: 2 spaces
4-Mast: 3 spaces
5-Mast: 3 spaces

(These will be updated with specific ship types later)

Measure range from the space the cannon is in.

A ship may ram another ship if its move would allow it to enter into one of the enemy ship's spaces (do not actually enter the space).

A ship may initiate towing a derelict if her bow is a space adjacent to the space that the bow of the derelict ship is in and its move would allow it to enter the space. If beginning a move action in this position, you may initiate the tow and then move forward in the space previously occupied by the derelict's bow.

Islands and Terrain:
When placing islands and terrain, place them so they touch the fewest spaces possible. A ship is considered docked if her bow is in any space that an island touches. With terrain, you will have to guess the spaces under the terrain piece when moving a ship. A ship may finish whatever mover segment it is on before resolving the terrain's effect.

Place Fog Banks and Icebergs so that the all the dice have a box to be in.

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