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Jolly Mon

Posted by Captain Salem Vendari on September 23, 2014 at 3:40 PM

Nation: Pirate
Masts: 1
Cargo: 1
Base Move: S+S
Cannons: 4S
Ability: This ship’s base move becomes S when she reaches her cargo limit.
Flavor Text: Having "borrowed" the Jolly Mon from Anamaria, Jack used and abandoned this vessel at Port Royal.
Collectors Number: DPotC-005
Rarity: Rare

General Description:
Aboard this little boat was Captain Jack Sparrow the first time he is seen in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. She doesn't seem like much, but for only 1 point, she's a good value. Normally I don't use her because I prefer to spend that last point on something like Divers, or an extra Oarsman to feed my SAC Captain. But this review will show you why this leaky little boat should be part of your fleet. I honestly wish I still had one.


Costing only 1 point with only 1 cargo space, there's not much she can do crew-wise, which really limits her options. Her best role is tugboat. I'll explain more on this in the next section.


You could try sending her for gold. She'll pay for herself with the one coin she brings back. Unfortunately, that will drop her her base move from S+S to S. So, it'll be a while before that coin gets home.


Boarding is out of the question. And the only thing she'd want to ram is another 1-master like herself so they can't shoot back. In that instance, boarding would be the best thing she could do because she has nothing to lose, and you could take a treasure. Then, with her base move already S, initiate towing.


Strategies and Game Play:
As I said under "Uses", Jolly Mon is a fantastic tugboat. Because of her low point cost, you don't have to tie up your more important ships in towing an enemy derelict home. In addition, since her base move will be S anyway, she can stop by a wild island and snatch the highest value coin she can find. Once she gets home, she can go out and grab the next derelict your gunner made.


The best way to do this is to keep her near the area where the big gunships are playing, but far enough away that she won't become a target. Then, once the smoke clears, she can swoop in and snatch up the biggest derelict she can find.


Another strategy this ship could be used for is to explore wild islands for your "real" gold ships so they don't have to spend the extra turn exploring themselves. But don't use an Explorer; that will just slow her down due to her ability and make it ineffective to use this strategy; better to spend an extra turn exploring than spending an extra three just getting there.


Combos with Other Pieces:
As a tugboat, Jolly Mon isn't just for derelicts; she can also drag the Widowmaker [F&S-017] or Doombox [RotF-088] , the Pirate flotillas, behind her, making her a decent 7 or 8 point (respectively) support fighter. (If you can spare the extra point, go with the Doombox; better cannons.)


Also considering her use as a tugboat, try pairing her up with Philadelphia [PotR-082], and you'll have an awesome towing team. While the Philadelphia is on her way back from her home island after teleporting with an enemy derelict, the Jolly Mon can shorten her trip a few turns by dragging another derelict closer to her.


One might also consider giving her "Cannonball" Gallows [MI-042A] to carry and just leave her at your home island. This way, you effectively get 4 extra points to work with, though you can do absolutely nothing else with her. But you're essentially buying 5 points worth of crew for only a single point! Imagine an extra Helmsman to boost up your slowest gold runner? Or that Shipwright your gunship is most definitely going to need at some point?


There are a couple of ways to squash this mosquito:


1. Wait for her to grab some gold or tow a derelict; then chase her down and flatten her.
2. Ram her; with only one mast, she's usually going to lose it in a ram.
3. Ignore her and focus on her fleet's big bad derelict-makers.
4. Include UTs that take up cargo space (such as Fruit or Runes of Death ) in the treasure pool. However, counteracting in this way can backfire on your own gold runners, especially if your opponent doesn't plan to collect any gold with this ship and may not be worth the trouble.


If you can spend the 4 points, Le Coeur de Lion [OE-080] with a Helmsman might be a better use to you as a tugboat than Jolly Mon. She can carry a little more treasure, has a better cannon (though it can't shoot in a gold running role), and her base move would be S+S when towing instead of just S. But even still, Jolly Mon is cheap enough that there could be room for her as well. Then you have a couple of really good, cheap tugboats that can also bring in a couple of doubloons for only 5 points.


1. Cheapest ship in the game; can fit in any fleet that has an extra point to use
2. Great tugboat for towing either derelicts or flotillas.
3. She'll pay for herself with any treasure she brings home; usually many times over.
4. She doesn't need any crew.
5. Great carrier for "Cannonball" Gallows.


1. With only one mast, any amount of damage will put her out of commission.
2. Unless it's an Oarsman, most crew aboard her will make her useless.

Overall Rating:
I give the Jolly Mon an 7/10. She's nowhere close to being the best ship in the game, but she's a fantastic value for what otherwise looks like a waste of plastic. Give her a shot.

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