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Fleet Review: HMS Grand Temple

Posted by Captain Salem Vendari on January 22, 2015 at 10:15 PM

This is a fleet I'm incredibly proud of. Normally, I prefer to use a single nation when building a fleet, but HMS Grand Temple has an ability that asks for a mixed style. It's my most recent fleet, and one of the more powerful ones I've built for a standard match. Here we go:

HMS Grand Temple - England; Points: 15; Masts: 6; Cargo: 3; Base Move: S+S; Cannons: 3S, 3S, 2L, 2L, 2L, 2L; Ability: Junk. Pirate crew may use their abilities on this ship.

+Lord Thomas Gunn - England; Points: 6; Ability: Captain. Once per turn, you may reroll any die roll you make for this ship; you must use the second die roll result; Link: Jun Suong

+Crimson Angel - Pirate; Points: 5; Ability: Born Leader. This ship gets +1 to her cannon rolls against any non-Pirate ship; Link: Deliverance


Neptune's Hoard - Pirate; Points: 12; Masts: 4; Cargo: 5; Base Move: S+L; Cannons: 3S, 3S, 3S, 3S; Ability: Schooner. After looking at treasure on a wild island, you may trade any one treasure from that island for a random treasure on any other wild island. This ship must load the traded treasure.

+"Cannonball" Gallows - Pirate: Points: 0; Ability: Limit, Ransom. Place this crew face up during setup. You may build you fleet using 5 more points than the game's build total. This crew cannot leave this ship unless captured or eliminated.


Banshee's Cry - Pirate; Points: 3; Masts: 1; Cargo: 4; Base Move: L+L; Cannon: 5S; Ability: This ship cannot shoot when she carries treasure.


Total Points: 40+5

First and foremost is the flagship, the tititular HMS Grand Temple. 6 masts are best for one thing: combat. She already has great guns, and they are further enhanced by Crimson Angel's dislike of anything that doesn't fly a Jolly Roger. Further, Angel gives the Temple an opportunity to use them twice each. Lord Thomas Gunn's reroll ability supports this by bringing Angel's SAT abiity from 1/3 chance to 1/2! The Helmsman brings the ship's base move to a speedy S+S+S, which can be doubled with Crimson Angel's ability. That's S+S+S+S+S+S! With a potential 12 cannons and speed like that, this is a ship that will happilly challenge the mighty Zeus, or any other ten-mast junk for that matter.

The Neptune's Hoard is durable with four masts, and has the excellent ability to trade away an unwanted coin for a potentially better one. She carries "Cannonball" Gallows (son of Genny Gallows), who allows Crimson Angel to exist legally in the fleet, as well as an Explorer to help increase gold-running capability. She's fast on her own with some deep pockets, able to carry three coins in addition to her two crew.

The Banshee's Cry has the rare base move of L+L, four cargo spaces, and is by far one of the most undercosted ships in the game (if it weren't for the "no duplicates" rule, this ship would be completely broken, and the main feature of many swarm fleets). Like her large sister, she too has an Explorer and three open spaces for gold.

In a game that prohibits the use of 0LR+5 crew such as "Cannonball" Gallows, Lord Thomas Gunn can be switched for a generic Captain, and the Neptune's Hoard and Banshee's Cry can give up their Explorers. Crimson Angel's ability might be less frequent, but will still remain a potent threat.

Categories: Pirates of the Cursed Seas

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