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Strategy: Ships' Roles

Posted by Captain Salem Vendari on January 29, 2015 at 10:35 AM

There are several different roles ships can fill in a fleet.

1. Gunship

A gunship should always have decent cannons; very rarely should they have cannons that rank higher than 3. Every gunship should carry a Captain crew (anything that allows the ship to move and then shoot). Gunships should have at least four masts, which will usually result in a higher cost, which is beneficial as a lot of the time you'll want to pack a few crew onboard to increase fighting potential. Cargo capacity really only becomes important when deciding how many crew you want to assign.

2. Treasure-runner

Treasure-runners should always have at least 3 open cargo spaces. They should also be fast; you typically want a triple combination move (such as S+S+S) to be able to outrun enemy harassment. Lower point costs are recommended, as crew aren't as important on these ships. In general, Explorers, and an occasional Helmsmen, will do just fine to make a treasure-runner effective.

3. Gold Harass

This is a smaller version of the gunship and is a supporting role. These ships are meant to hunt down enemy shipping. They tend to have two or three masts, and should have 1 or 2 open cargo spaces to be able to steal gold from boarding parties. A Captain crew is recommended.

4. Hybrid

Hybrid ships have the stats to be good at filling multiple roles. They are good in both combat and gold running roles. They are typically support ships, but can hold a primary spot in a fleet.

5. Special

These are ships with stats that don't suggest any of the general roles listed above. These ships have a specific purpose, and most of the time will be situational.

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