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Report: Running Aground Ain't So Bad

Posted by Captain Salem Vendari on September 19, 2020 at 2:35 PM

I recently taught my brother Aedric how to play Sails of Glory when he came out to visit. We played a few games to help him learn the ropes. He beat me for the first time in our last game, so I thought it reasonable to capture this latest game for the Dawn Princess. This game also includes the debut of my first Spanish ships.

Optional rules in use:
-Let the Men Drink! (Adds the Grog action to restore one Crew box per game)
-First Broadside (The first time a broadside is fired, the target draws an additional damage token for each 3 that would normally be drawn)

The map was set with an island in the middle, surounded by shoals. The wind blew from the west. Each player set up their fleets within half a ruler of their side of the map. Captain Salem Vendari set up on the south side using his brand new Mejicano and San Franciso de Asis, while Aedric sailed from the north in command of HMS Victory and HMS Goliath. 

The two fleets move forward. Salem was experimenting with sailing in formation, trying to keep his ships going the same speed if he could.

The next turn brought the Spanish fleet straight into English broadsides. The Francisco got the worst of it; between the First Broadside rule and a raking shot through her bow, she drew ten A damage tokens from the Goliath's full broadside, totalling 18 hull damage, breaking a mast, her rudder, some sail damage, and knocking out 4 crew.

Fortunately for the Mejicano, the Victory was only able to bring her forward guns to bear. Mejicano drew seven B damage tokens after accounting for First Broadsides. She took 14 hull damage and lost three crew boxes, however she also took a few shots beneath the waterline. Not one, but two leaks began allowing the sea to fill the Spanish 1st rate's bilges.

The damage tracks for the Mejicano and San Francisco de Asis.

Aedric miscaluclated the Goliath's turn radius in his plans to get the first shot in and sent his 3rd rate straight into the coast of the island. The ship ran aground and took 11 hull damage.

Meanwhile, the Victory was in trouble as well. She collided with the San Francisco de Asis and took a raking shot from the Mejicano through her stern (albeit, barely). With her crew busy trying to reload the starboard broadside, she was unable to return fire. She drew eleven B damage counters for 26 hull damage, a leak, sail damage, and three crew hits.

The crews of the Francisco  and Victory shot each other with muskets. The Victory hit three for three, and only took one in return.

The aftermath of the return fire.

HMS Victory also wound up running aground. This doesn't mean Aedric was out of the game here, however. Both of his ships were still able to shoot.

And shoot they did. Mejicano wound up taking a third leak special damage, as well as a fire on board. Despite having repaired the first leak, the two remaining leaks and the fire forced the Mejicano to surrender.

San Francisco de Asis and HMS Victory swap musket fire once more.

After all was said and done, the Francisco had only two crew boxes remaining, enough for one action per turn, and the men had already had their rum. It was at this point Captain Vendari struck his colors and surrendered. Despite the English ships having run aground, they still managed to win the day.

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