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Scenario: Capture the Flag

Posted by Captain Salem Vendari on May 9, 2013 at 3:25 PM

When you were in Boy Scouts, do you remember playing Capture the Flag with your troop on camp outs? Here is a variant of the timeless scouting activity adapted to Pirates of the Cursed Seas. Enjoy!


2+ players


Build Total:
50 points


Each player needs to provide three islands. Determine terrain amongst yourselves. You will also need a mug full of treasure coins. Unique treasure may be used. Place islands and terrain according to standard rules. When selecting home islands, players place an object to represent their "flag" on their home island. Place three treasure coins on all remaining wild islands. Place ships docked at home islands.


Game Play:
*Ships may dock at enemy home islands and the load the flag. They must leave during the next turn. Unless they have an ability stating otherwise, ships cannot load treasure from home islands.

*Ships with the ability to load treasure from enemy islands must choose either to load treasure or the flag. They cannot choose both. The ship must still leave the turn after it docks.

*Flags take up one cargo space.

*Each ship may carry only one flag at a time.

*If a ship unloads an enemy flag at her home island, the owner of the flag is out of the game. Your flag must but at your home island in order to unload and enemy flag.

*If a ship carrying a flag sinks, the flag is automatically returned to its home island as a free action.

*Gold may be used to purchase ships and crew at a rate of 1 Gold for 1 Point. When purchased, ships and crew are placed at your home island.

*At the end of the last player's turn, place one treasure coin on each island that has less than five coins.


Victory Conditions:
*Be the last player still in the game or have any ships that can still be given a future move action.

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